EG Origin Recipe

Big Top Kiwi

Big Top Kiwi Recipe


  • + 2oz vanilla bean infused EG Origin
  • + 2-3 slices of kiwi
  • + 2oz fresh pineapple juice
  • + 1oz brown sugar simple syrup
  • + 8 drop cinnamon bitters
  • + 1 egg white


  1. 1Muddle kiwi along with brown sugar simple syrup.
  2. 2Add vanilla infused Origin, pineapple juice and Egg white.
  3. 3Shake w/o ice to emulsify the egg white then add ice and re-shake.
  4. 4Double strain in a coupe glass.
  5. 5To garnish drop 8 drops of bitters around the rim of the glass then take a toothpick and draw a line through the drop.
Big Top Kiwi Recipe

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