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Our Story

Enlightened Grain Vodka’s unparalleled quality and revolutionary vision is stirring the world of spirits. A liquid renaissance is upon us and EG Vodka is leading the way for a new era in cocktail creation. With our innovative flavor pairings and small batch, sustainably rendered distillation process, our vodka offers clarity, consistency, and quality recognized by esteemed master sommeliers across the nation.

The Grain

Enlightened Grain is made from sustainably grown organic wheat. We take pride in sourcing responsibly harvested grain and botanicals for our unique vodkas. Within twenty-four hours, the picked grain enters the infusion process. Our Master Distiller transforms the traditionally grown wheat into a high quality base spirit.


After the wheat has been fermented, it is then distilled using our expertly controlled distillation process. The base spirit is distilled a single time using a column and alembic pot-stills that allow for precise temperature, pressure, and infusion control throughout the process. Enlightened Grain distillers mix pure water from one of the nation’s most pure natural water sources to create our unique vodka mixture. This vodka mixture settles and is gravity fed through charcoal derived from coconut husks for a touch of natural sweetness and supreme clarity.

Flavor Infusion

Infusion is the final step for adding a subtle hint of a natural herb essence into the vodka. The process of infusion is delicate and requires special care. If the herbs are steeped for too long, the excess oils can give the vodka a cloudy appearance. EG Inspiration and EG Windsor are basket and vapor infused into EG Origin, a process where the botanicals are placed in a special basket through which spirit vapors are passed. As the vapors travel through the botanicals, they pick up their essence along the way. Throughout the process, taste experts check the quality of our vodka using their highly refined senses and palates to ensure perfection. EG Origin, EG Windsor, and EG Inspiration are infused with the finest organic botanicals creating unforgettable flavor pairings that will inspire artisan cocktail creation.