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EG Windsor Vodka

EG Windsor

Earl Grey & Sage Vodka

A refined experience of aromatics and profile depth, EG WINDSOR captures the tart notes of the bergamot and orange that have been masterfully coaxed from the aged, fair-trade, Earl Grey black tea during distillation and infusion while elevating the palatal texture of the infusion with a creamy and full-bodied expression of freshly harvested sage.

An allocated product due to intricacy of creation, EG Windsor has received Publisher’s Choice and a rating of 92 Points by the industry publication, Tasting Panel Magazine. It was also awarded the Silver Medal at the Wine & Spirits Wholesalers of America Convention.

Due to the unique distillation and infusion process, enjoy tasting Windsor over time, trying this spirit both neat in a bulbed glass, as well as with the addition of either a single ice cube or distilled water.

Tasting Features


Deep aroma of black tea with a hint of crisp citrus and earthy herbs.


Tart and tangy with caffeinated notes of bergamot orange rind and sage.


Lingering notes of citrus and herbs.

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